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Complete JavaScript Tutorial

Hey! Geek Welcome to the ultimate javascript tutorial, We know like us you also like installing things and experiment on them but this time javascript needs to require a little bit of theoretical knowledge but we promise we don't bore you 😀, so let's get started with the basics of javascript, 🚀

😝 First and foremost let's answered two basics question about javascript, that every beginner have 👇

  1. What is JavaScript? 🚀

  2. Difference between Java and JavaScript 😛


What is JavaScript?

If we answered this particular question in one line then the answer is - "JavaScript is the life of the website", which means Javascript is everything on the website, yes! I know many of you might disagree with my word but actually, it is! JavaScript can handle your multimedia, complex functionalities, and pretty much everything, keep reading we're adding a whole lot of JavaScript topic keep reading 👀

Difference between Java and JavaScript?

This is the most asked question among beginner, as a beginner, most of you think that Java and Javascript have some similarities between these two, first off all let see the picture below and find out similarities,

yes! 😂 you are right no similarities, if u still find anything hey!! comment below we are very much waiting for your answer :)

So the answer is NO, there are no similarities between java and Javascript! let's find out what actually difference between these two languages


Let's take a look at this picture

See there are two different part in this picture let's understand this,

//source program, pseudo code

print "Hello World"

so above program is a source code of print hello world now there are one type of languages like C, C++, Java, what happens when you write your code in a code editor or IDE, the time you triggered the compile & run button from that particular time your given code passes through some steps like, firstly it going to preprocessor then going to get compiled after compilation it converted to .obj file and that obj file getting converted to .exe file and then it executed and showing output,

and the other hand we have Interpreted languages like JavaScript, PHP, and Python, these languages are ready to run language basically each line of code of this kind of languages are getting interpreted, Now let's find out the actual meaning of the term "Interpreted" means:




Let's take an example that if you want to run your python file you must write online of sentence in your terminal that is


as mentioned in the above picture the python word itself is an interpreter, likewise, there are no such as javascript interpreter, which means there is no interpreter called javascript but we can interpret with our favorite browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and many more that is available across the web, in the browser, there is a predefined interpreter is available that's why we can interpret javascript through a browser,

We can interpret the js file with a back-end framework also like Node.js, deno :)

Enough theory now moves to the coding part and started with basics syntaxes and operation, before doing anything further you should have a code editor like VS Code, if u haven't VS Code on your machine the go and click the button bellow.


Let's take a look that what we gonna learning next in this Complete Javascript tutorial series :)

We are adding above mention topic soon, just keep your eye on Code Diksha :)

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