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Getting Started with HTML

What is HTML ?

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) isn't a programming language. It is a markup language that advises internet browsers how to structure the site pages you visit. It very well may be as muddled or as basic as the web engineer needs it to be. HTML comprises of a progression of components, which you use to encase, wrap, or increase various pieces of substance to cause it to show up or act with a particular goal in mind. The encasing labels can make content into a hyperlink to associate with another page, stress words, etc.


For instance, think about the accompanying line of text:

Hey ! This is Abhi

In the event that we needed the content to remain without help from anyone else, we could specify that it is a paragraph by walling it in a paragraph (<p>) element

<p> Hey! This is Abhi <p/>

Anatomy of HTML element


  • Opening Tag

This comprises of the name of the element (in this example, p for paragraph), wrapped in opening and shutting point sections. This opening label marks where the element starts or begins to produce results. In this example, it precedes the beginning of the paragraph text.

  • Closing Tag

This is equivalent to the opening tag, except that it incorporates a forward cut before the element name. This imprints where the element closes. Neglecting to incorporate an end tag is a typical novice mistake that can produce peculiar outcomes.

Complete Tutorial



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