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Why Data Structure ?

The data structure and algorithm provide a set of techniques to the programmer for handling the data efficiently. The programmer should understand the core concepts of data handling. For example, if the programmer wants to collect the Facebook user details, the candidate should access the data and handle efficiently using data structure and algorithm techniques. If the programmer does not know about data structure and algorithm, they may not be able to write efficient code to handle the data. The data structure concepts can be implemented in any programming language. They can write the code in any programming language with minimal effort. If the programmer does not know the pre-defined algorithmic techniques, it may take a longer time to resolve the problem.


Design Analysis and Algorithm

There are many steps involved in writing a computer program to solve a given problem. The steps go from problem formulation and specification, to design of the solution, to implementation, testing, and documentation, and finally to evaluation of the solution.


What are Data Structure necessary ?

Data Structure basically are different ways to organize the way to store data in the memory, Let's consider an example problem that we have a list of item, we wish to perform this operation,

  1. add items

  2. search an item

  3. remove an item

this data list is can be anything like players ina a online game, result of an exams or anything, now how do you store this list to performing the operation with this list efficiently , one simple solution can be we used array datastrcture, but we can used the self balancing binary search tree we can get better time complexity compare to Array Data Structure, we can consider a another best solution that is hash table with the HASH-TABLE we get better time complexity O(1) time,


There is one thing that is solving a complex problem with an efficient way that's required Data Structure and Algorithm, you need to learn all technics better say all the algorithm where you can able to solve the complex problem. Data Structure is universal every where you can find the uses of data structure, You can begin with basic of data structure and start your logical thinking approach. What else are you waiting for start doing with Us SUBSCRIBE now for lettest newsletter updates




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